Evan L ole Mapelu

A Pharmacy Professional and a graduate of Public Policy and Administration, and passionate about the plea of cancer survivors. I have worked at the top leadership level at Kenya Pharmaceutical Association for six years. I started working with GIPAP program in 2006 in The Nairobi Hospital where I used to dispense

and keep inventory of Glivec. Together with another colleague and three patients we saw need to have a patients’ group, to provide a platform where patients meet and interact to offer support and encouragement to one another. and we started HENZO the following year 2007. I have been in the steering committee as a member and Vice Chairman before.

Sereni Mumba

My name is Sereni Mumba, currently a widow and single mom to my beautiful daughter Shayna-Beth. In the bigger picture, I am a caregiver and passionate advocate of cancer. I am a co-founder of Henzo Kenya, a patient support group of Chronic Myeloid Leukemia in Kenya. I have volunteered at Henzo Kenya since its inception and I currently hold office of the project coordinator. This program holds a special place in my heart and soul because one of the founders, Ferdinand Mwangura Micho, the late, was my husband. And when his health went down, I became his caregiver. There is so much fulfilment in this cause. Enabling the patients access free medication, spreading awareness about CML and GIST cancers, working with other cancer groups in the country and globally to continue the fight for better if not the best health care for cancer patients. Collection of data on issues related to cancer to aid in matters of research. In Henzo, we give you an opportunity to live a productive life even after diagnosis

Lucy Mwangi

In my line of duty working at the health institution where the Henzo Kenya CML and GIST survivors were receiving treatment back in 2005, I encountered patients who had a lot of questions ranging from the side effects they were experiencing from medication, what to or not to eat while receiving treatment and just general need for psychosocial support.

As I was not a patient, I could not provide answers to most of these questions and so out of these needs an idea was born to bring together the patients in a forum where they could share and support each other.  In collaboration with a fellow colleague and two patients, Henzo Kenya was born.  Henzo Kenya was registered in 2007 as a community-based organization, having successfully organized several patients support and education meetings and has continued to grow from strength to strength.

Being involved with Henzo has also been of personal benefit especially when my own father became diagnosed with Oesophagus cancer in 2010.  I was able to be a good caregiver to him, having had experience offering support to patients in Henzo Kenya.

This benefit has trickled down to my current role as the Max Foundation representative; the organization which provides treatment access donations to the patients in Henzo Kenya.  The experience in Henzo over the years have greatly influenced my understanding on the importance of providing patients with psychosocial support besides access to treatment; as part of their treatment journey.  The cancer treatment journey is challenging enough and when a patient is able to walk the journey with someone who understands his or her journey, it makes a huge impact on the overall outcome of the treatment.  I encourage people to volunteer in patient support organizations; it is not only beneficial for the patients but the experiences shared leaves a lasting impact on one’s self.

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