The Nairobi Hospital

Henzo Kenya would like to thank The Nairobi Hospital for hosting GIPAP clinic and Henzo activities selflessly.They have for many years provide us with space and other ameneties for of charge.CML & GIST patience get their medicide from the Hospital’s main Pharmacy.

The Max Foundation

Manages a system that enables GIPAP physicians to submit patient cases for approval and re-approval.Assesses submissions to approve patients according to program requirements.Assesses the number of patients in need so Novartis can ship the correct quantity of drugs.Provides emotional support to patients and families involved in GIPAP through local Max station representatives


Ensures the timely shipment and distribution of the drug.Provides training, support and education to the parties involved.Manages a tracking process to guarantee the correct use of the donations 

In 2017 donations from the UK transformed the lives of more than

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